Elise Widerlite

Pampering the Posh Pups of Potomac

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Peter Drake has been grooming for seven years, but he just recently made the move to Potomac, Md. when Doggie Styles Inc. opened seven months ago. With his bedroom located just up one flight of stairs from the shop, it’s clear that he just can’t get enough of his job. The royal treatment involves numerous stages of brushing, shaving, shampooing and final trims. However, it’s no spa day for Peter, as dog grooming is a long, detailed process that involves a lot of precision and patience.

Peter has dedicated clients willing to make an hour-long commute to the shop because they say he’s the best at calming their dogs during the anxiety-producing ordeal. So what is Peter’s special touch? He explains that it’s a combination of his authoritative attitude and experience as a master dog trainer. While a background in dog training is not a requirement to become a groomer, Peter believes it should be, as it makes the experience better for the dog, the owner and the groomer. He often consults with clients about a pet’s health during the groom and finds that as a groomer he not only helps animals, he also helps people.

Note: All video was captured on an iPhone 4s, using FiLMiC Pro. Final editing was done with Final Cut Pro X.

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