Elise Widerlite

Peeking Behind the Curtain

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Dancers are repeatedly told to make their movements look effortless. Aside from dancing, what they are best at is hiding the pain, the hard work, and the sacrifice that goes into making a performance possible. Producing a single piece of choreography requires weeks of planning, hours of rehearsal time, and multiple rotations of ice baths and heating pads.

Georgetown University Dance Company, a fully student-run ensemble, features seven to eight pieces of student choreography each semester. These dancers work tirelessly to lead their peers in a professional environment. Watching their visions evolve from conception to presentation is a complex and rewarding experience. As a window into the mind of a choreographer, these images capture the essence of how choreography moves from beginning to end, from pointe A to pointe B, and from pensée to plié.

Images were captured on an iPhone 4S, using both 6×6 and Hipstamatic. Adobe Photoshop Express was used for final editing purposes.

Editors note: I am the costume coordinator for the Georgetown University Dance Company, as well as a member of the performing ensemble.