Elise Widerlite

Room Raiders: LXR Residents Reveal Secret Stashes

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Tucked away on Georgetown University’s East Campus, LXR Hall has a bit of a mysterious air to it. Far enough to deter its residents from eating at Leo’s, the residence hall forces students to form its own version of a secret society. While ghosts may not haunt the site of the former Georgetown University Hospital, what your roommate is hiding under his or her bed may be more than enough to shock you.

So what’s your hallmate hiding behind closed doors? Three LXR residents were brave enough to spill their secrets. I stopped Margit Westerman, Emmy Falvey and Mark Troianovski as they walked through the LXR lobby. Each agreed to show me their dorm rooms and answer one question: “If another student knocked on your door, what would they find in your dorm room that might surprise them?” Margit, Emmy and Mark all chose items they couldn’t live without. You’ll never guess what some Georgetown students consider dorm room must-haves.

Note: All photos were taken on an iPhone 4S, using 6×6 and Hipstamatic. Adobe Photoshop Express was used for final edits. All audio was captured using Voice Memos on the iPhone 4S and edited in Audacity. Photos and audio were compiled using Soundslides.